Sadness has stabbed me.

Yesturday, at 3:20, my baby cousin, Bella D., was prondeced dead. Can you please pray for my cousins and my family. She was only 8 months old, and just bearley known to the world.

If you can please keep our family in your prayers, we would love it. Thank you all.



Maggie in ring one, life in the rest!!

Well, that’s how it feels. Me vs. life! Why? Well…it hates me! It does!! I don’t care

Who cares! I’m 11, and well IT DOES SUCK!!!!!! Braces, Boys talking about my privet stuff, and being forced to sing! Well..Life wins!

Sick= One mad blonde

I HATE being sick. My throat hurts, every time I stand up, I have to count to eight, letting my stupid head ach clam down well enough for me to walk. AND I had to miss Confirmation Class, so my goal for having perfect attendance is gone. Poor me…

Hunger games: Why i should be Prim (In my mind)

I, Maggie Mullooly, wants to be Prim! I dampened that I am Prim! I have blonde hair, and light blue eyes. I’m not to skinny, not to fat. And I can Act!

I mean look, don’t I look wonderful! I believe with some make up, and in-vision line braces, I would have to role in the bag! Any body who knows me knows how good I can act. I’ve done Prim’s Monologues all the time!

So, if you want me for Prim, comet, leave your options, and E-mail the caster! Please, I’m begging!

Maggie and Band and Life and Novel

Hello world, how are you? Me, I’m O.K. Bored, going to clean my room here with in the next couple of hours.

I have a problem. What IS the meaning of life? No, that’s not it…..I think. The thing is, I’m going to try a sport. Of course, we all know I’m in Dance..but I need to be in more. I feel fat, but I’m not. When was in Kindergarten to Second Grade, I was super Athletic. I was in a Cheerleading Squad, and had to ran a Mile everyday, do ten push ups, and do tons of splits. So. I want to be like that again, but no cheerleading.

Band, oh band…

My novel is getting good, not quit the best one ever, but I really enjoy it. I’m having a ”Good” time writing it. No, I’m not. It’s like I’m ripping my eyes out…but Its fun.

Working on my novel

I have decide, after a long time, to start a novel. I’m really happpy, yet nervous. Being the child of a English Major, and poet/ writer, I know the rules of writing. I have since I feel in love at age..4? 

Heres a tiny bit:

I remember being eleven running against Casey O’Donnell. This boy was twice my size, and weighed about three of me put together. But, I beat him. Than his brother James, and Leon. All of the O’Donnell Brothers beat by a skinny freckle faced girl. The girl who could easy whoop there butts.

I laughed to myself, and walked down the beach.




What does PSSA really mean?

So, if you don’t live in Pennsylvania, you don’t know whaT IT MEANS DO YOU? I’ll tell you what is means,

Pennsylvania Student School Abuse!!

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