Maggie and Band and Life and Novel

Hello world, how are you? Me, I’m O.K. Bored, going to clean my room here with in the next couple of hours.

I have a problem. What IS the meaning of life? No, that’s not it…..I think. The thing is, I’m going to try a sport. Of course, we all know I’m in Dance..but I need to be in more. I feel fat, but I’m not. When was in Kindergarten to Second Grade, I was super Athletic. I was in a Cheerleading Squad, and had to ran a Mile everyday, do ten push ups, and do tons of splits. So. I want to be like that again, but no cheerleading.

Band, oh band…

My novel is getting good, not quit the best one ever, but I really enjoy it. I’m having a ”Good” time writing it. No, I’m not. It’s like I’m ripping my eyes out…but Its fun.


Working on my novel

I have decide, after a long time, to start a novel. I’m really happpy, yet nervous. Being the child of a English Major, and poet/ writer, I know the rules of writing. I have since I feel in love at age..4? 

Heres a tiny bit:

I remember being eleven running against Casey O’Donnell. This boy was twice my size, and weighed about three of me put together. But, I beat him. Than his brother James, and Leon. All of the O’Donnell Brothers beat by a skinny freckle faced girl. The girl who could easy whoop there butts.

I laughed to myself, and walked down the beach.




What does PSSA really mean?

So, if you don’t live in Pennsylvania, you don’t know whaT IT MEANS DO YOU? I’ll tell you what is means,

Pennsylvania Student School Abuse!!

Why I’m a Blonde

I am a blonde. In hair color, and in nature. I fall, and trip, Oh and DON’T let me chew gum and walk at the same time. I almost killed my frined last time.

But, as a blonde, I have a problem. First to all of you who have ever called au “Toe Heads”, your a “Dumb Block.” I do not have a toe for a head! At least I think..-Runs and checks the mirror. Yep, no toe there, all tho…

And blonde jokes! Ha! Please, I know better than to hide in a potatoes bag and say, “Bag of potatoes.”.  Also, I read.

And, I don’t have any boys falling head over heels for me. I wish I did.


Meet Maggie

Hello! I’m Maggie. I’m giving my full name, but i will say I like it. I’m a tween, (11) and love to read! Ha, like my little Pun.

So, I feel like I need to blog.  I well write about stuufI feel the to. So, like what ever is going on around tthe world your here about it on here!