Maggie and Band and Life and Novel

Hello world, how are you? Me, I’m O.K. Bored, going to clean my room here with in the next couple of hours.

I have a problem. What IS the meaning of life? No, that’s not it…..I think. The thing is, I’m going to try a sport. Of course, we all know I’m in Dance..but I need to be in more. I feel fat, but I’m not. When was in Kindergarten to Second Grade, I was super Athletic. I was in a Cheerleading Squad, and had to ran a Mile everyday, do ten push ups, and do tons of splits. So. I want to be like that again, but no cheerleading.

Band, oh band…

My novel is getting good, not quit the best one ever, but I really enjoy it. I’m having a ”Good” time writing it. No, I’m not. It’s like I’m ripping my eyes out…but Its fun.


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