Maggie in ring one, life in the rest!!

Well, that’s how it feels. Me vs. life! Why? Well…it hates me! It does!! I don’t care

Who cares! I’m 11, and well IT DOES SUCK!!!!!! Braces, Boys talking about my privet stuff, and being forced to sing! Well..Life wins!


Sick= One mad blonde

I HATE being sick. My throat hurts, every time I stand up, I have to count to eight, letting my stupid head ach clam down well enough for me to walk. AND I had to miss Confirmation Class, so my goal for having perfect attendance is gone. Poor me…

Hunger games: Why i should be Prim (In my mind)

I, Maggie Mullooly, wants to be Prim! I dampened that I am Prim! I have blonde hair, and light blue eyes. I’m not to skinny, not to fat. And I can Act!

I mean look, don’t I look wonderful! I believe with some make up, and in-vision line braces, I would have to role in the bag! Any body who knows me knows how good I can act. I’ve done Prim’s Monologues all the time!

So, if you want me for Prim, comet, leave your options, and E-mail the caster! Please, I’m begging!